Sun And Planet

You are the Sun,
And i am Planet.
From years to years,
I am roaming around

by pratik rajani Click to read full poem

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fab! ! ! Beautifully woven words! !
It's a beautiful poem of love and attachment..nice to read for the second time..10 Rini
Rich flow of thoughts in good rendition of words. Beautiful and very passionate love poem elegantly brought forth from the heart. Lovely work of art. Thanks for sharing Pratik.
You have given a day.You have given the way.Nice lines.Thanks for sharing.1o
pratik, in this piece as in your water poem, you show good poetic instincts. in both you use images that are familiar and, therefore, accessible. which reminds me of hafez the great sufi mystic, one of my favorite poets, whom i know only through the english renderings of daniel ladinsky. -glen
If only we could love the planet which sustains us instead of destroying all that she has given. Just like the planets all life is interdependent, a fact we refuse to heed.
well written nice keep it up blessings and best wishes
Dear Pratik, you suggested i read this poem n i did..i like this poem..given me a good start for the day. I am sure why didn't God who created everything place the Sun nearer to Earth..hah! we'l be burnt and everything. God is Great! I believe God.
Yes. A humbling down of man. He cannot get away from God who is love. Or it could be a woman. Whatever attracts us will be the way of survival. Or undoing. Be careful, my friend, of this primeval force who is woman.
we all look but see things differently oh how lucky we are my friend for the world would be a bore keep writing and open the worlds eyes
I'd be fine with the love of God being gravity That's the best theory yet thoughtful, keen words thanks!
I call it love, love and love, the only truth, go on..
A lovely love poem, Pratik. I like your earth and sun metaphor. I remember writing something similar when I was about your age.
Welcome to Poem Hunter dot come dear Pratik. It is a beautiful poem on love through Sun and Planet having stunning expression. Let it be quoted... You have hold me with endless force from countless time. People call it gravity. I call it love. Yes, My love You are the Sun, And i am Planet. Many thanks dear Pratik, keep the ball rolling. Full Vote.
The way of the day! With the muse of Gravity! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Very simple and meaningful poem to read! Keep it up!
A poem about love that keeps on going on. Simple penning of heartfelt love.
Superb poem pratik.. You are the reason Why I have seasons People call it gravity I call it love... I liked the flow and the metaphor used..10
She holds you with the gravity of her love. Pratik, this is very heatfelt and nicely written poem about love.
Nice poem of love, you may like to buy my book avaliable on Amazon, A Silver Lining