Depression In Winter

by Jane Kenyon

There comes a little space between the south
side of a boulder and the snow that fills the woods around it.
Sun heats the stone, reveals
a crescent of bare ground: brown ferns,
and tufts of needles like red hair,
acorns, a patch of moss, bright green.

I sank with every step up to my knees,
throwing myself forward with a violence
of effort, greedy for unhappiness
until by accident I found the stone
with its secret porch of heat and light,
where something small could luxuriate, then
turned back down my path - chastened and calm.

by Gayle Hardy

Comments (15)

The tests and tasks of life are tough; we get through them best by a determined focus to meet the challenges, not to greet the spectators.
Makes me think of a dreamer, always imagining different scenes but always looking from the shore.
This is my dream of our reality, perfect!
Can't understand it!
The wave-like shape and rhythm of the lines coincide with the movements of a ship at sea.
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