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Sun 'N Shadow
SS ( / New Delhi, India)

Sun 'N Shadow

Just after twilight, leisurely
I woke up and looked eastward,
gazed at the new born sun, with a joy
indescribable and was trapped in a trance!

He looked adorable like a pure gold.
laced with butter, with all his sheen
an inviting softness, my eyes devoured
Him with a passion so splendor!

Then my eyes caught an hovering shadow
so dark, like an halo. He is flawless
could it be my mind, reflected as shadow
in the greatness I saw?

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Hail! Poetess! It is immaculate words, which mesmerise the Poetry lovers. The words of your poems profuse, prolific, and purge a Lot with fragrance of flowers. Poets are Lord's gift, to lilt the murky mundane world. God Bless you. It is an eternal worth wrought, through thought of avid words to inscribe the genere of Gospel and to veneer the sheer joy of ambrosial words. Is Poet like me can enter the Hall Of Fame? What is the requirement to do? It is also an edification for the Nation to enter those sublime realms! God Bless you.