Poem By Taher Shemaly

'Tis long, long road to Sunaville
where sunrise do not set nor abide
'Tis a land where sun is hugged by a hill
and the homeless wretch seeks for a guide
Nay Paris, nay Rome come to its beauty still
and the smile upon the faces can not hide

'Tis long, long road to the land of beauty
spent me life time looking for its skies
Oh you who pass by the road to the holy
say peace upon me grave wherever it lies
It is in between the green fields with a holly
under the sun, where me love said the goodbies

Take a moment and sit, and read my gravestone
you might find in me story what makes you reach
The land which in its road I had to lay alone
far away from my beloved, far from any beach
Planted there is me place, and there I've grown
away from me people, and just out of reach

Never heard of someone got back from there still
no knight nor king, not even the bravest brave
'Tis a land of magic, and the greeny standing hill
with no living as slave, without a living knave
Oh me poor friend seeking that Sunaville
take a moment, and think of me grave

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