Sunday Bazaar

Poem By Tiku akp

As I open the window
It is a new sun I see
And the streets are full
Of vendors moving free

There is a pell-mell of
Sounds of wheels and carts
The vendors have plastic
Wares and some broken parts

People are already out
With bags and money
To buy things in cheap
They go to market in a hurry

It is Sunday and there
Sits a bazaar in the field
I dress up to give a visit
Today the sun's ray is mild

Comments about Sunday Bazaar

A wonderful poem! Liked it......Big 🌟
Opening the window, you have seen the new sunrise with greater beauty and reflection of rays. We are in hurry in buying things. This poem is very amazingly and excellently penned...
Fascinating account of the beginning of a new day's routine-business as seen through the protagonist's window. He is so much charmed by it that he wants to go out and be a part of the action there. Thank you so much.
Feeling happy to read about Sunday bazaar which has now become history. Yes we all wait for it to rush and grab the best at cheapest price. Thank-you sir.

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