Tension And Worries

Tension and worries
Are here, when
You are not there
With me, my dear mother.
You have kept
All the remedy
For all ills,
That I know, mother.
And with your presence
I stay here freely,
For you expect me
To live long
To chant your name
And to establish truth.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (4)

Your place sounds like the perfect place to me Linda. A beautiful poem of spring and flora renewing itself as Hugh says, in the continuum that life is. Roll on spring, and goodbye to all things cold and dead. 10 from Tai
Linda, this is simply a superb piece. It captures a specific time, place of an endless and eternal continuum that life is and it holds its sweetness in the loving details of the morning. Excellent poem. Warm regards, Hugh
for a moment the infinite buzz of cosmic dreams in your very kitchen before your very eyes the coming and going always the coming and going which of course includes all beings simply because all life is but ceaseless transformation a wonderful poem
I could almost breath in that marvelous liquid sunshine! What beautiful imagery. Scarlett