(March 2nd,1984 / USA)

Sunday Night Für Elise

piano after dinner,
Beethoven wrestles Mozart
to have my younger brother
play his pieces.

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No loser in this contest.A1 Sus Danny
You know I once read some magazine article saying women poets will never get on because jealousy always gets in the way. After reading this, I think they may be right! Just kidding - you get nothing but respect from me for this one. (and have you been picking up some Scots - from Danny perhaps?) Hugs Anna xxx
sus...i'm asleep as i write this...i like this piece...you should do some haiku...with your talent for imagery...forgetaboutit! going back to my downfeathers now...will scope your site later...have fun! ''''''frank.
You present a wonderful picture with so few words Sus, well done, it is so good to have musical talent in the family. My boy plays keyboards like he was born with them attached to his fingers. Makes me smile a lot. A great way to spend any sunday, Tai
piano for dessert sounds nice Sus, nice diddle hope your well Have FUN Dave xxx