(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Utilitarian Point Of View

as the gray hen cackles looking for a place to lay her eggs
the red rooster looks for another white hen to shuffle on the ground,

we who see this does not condemn, nay we never think of morality
or codes of ethical conduct, as the rooster is just doing the work that nature and man have assigned to it

no hen ever complains that the rooster has copulated with the other
six hens around the poultry in the backyard and in the garden

neither shall we reprimand the rooster for being so restless and
cocky and prolific or as we call it engages in promiscuous sex

all that we are thinking on that moment are the eggs that each hen can lay, our minds looking forward to every morning's breakfast, when we shall choose, the usual delights: either scrambled or sunny side up or perhaps a hard-boiled egg for our personal consumption.

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I liked it very much. And I think I'll take it to mean death to Trolls, they deserve it so much.10+
I like this one. Rage at the commonplace, at the ordinary, at the everyday problems, the pests that take away from our perfect world. I’ve killed a lot of these pests in my time. I can only imagine the size of the smear of the fat one you flattened. Cheers -war
Sorry, mean to say poetryhound. That's what two glasses of Valpolicella can do... H
Reynolds, you sound like poemhunter. No matter, but one question, do you write? H