Giraffe’s ‘r’ Us

Poem By Joe Rosochacki

Sunday's are special; it's always been that way
I remember as a child before church I would
Put on my best dress with patent leather shoes
A pot roast in the oven was always understood.

Sunday school had that feeling every single time
That God was watching, life was better in some way
My donation was safe, in a hanky so tight
I pulled at the knot so the money wouldn't get away.

I remember the Sunday drive after church we would go
Oh my, how I enjoyed that very special day
Then the house smelled of that roast from the oven
Sunday's as a child, I sometimes wish it could stay!

Comments about Giraffe’s ‘r’ Us

Lovely poem- a nice way to revisit childhood memories linked with Sundays which were most enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. You have rightly said 'I sometimes wish it could stay! '.

2,7 out of 5
10 total ratings

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