Sunday, The 15th

You wake up in a haunted castle and freak out
Trying in vain to break down the locked door
Face to face with evil that never sleeps, you shout
It has a familiar ugly voice you've heard before
A monstrous creature from hell, it's after your soul
You hear its horse laugh, ''I gotcha, and you can't get away''
Fears fade out when you have your back to the wall
''You belong in hell'', you say, ''Why don't you get out of my way? ''
It's growing pitch dark, and a stony silence reigns
You fall asleep and dream of a seashore, an earthly paradise
Up to your neck in coarse sand, you beat out your brains
To set yourself free, but the same nasty voice whispers, ''No dice.''

by Aram Stefanian

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