Sunflowers, Butterflies And Roses.

Standing tall with obese faces
but such slender stemmed graces
often staked to fend off hastened
violent winds of spring.
Below and in their places
Alice’d roses
with budding faces grin.
And all are smiling and thinking
of such nice places as
warming sunshine brings.
But what they love
and sets them blushing
with finest blooming buds
that will surely blossom,
is a gentle light winged
goddess sipping from their
inmost spaces,
not overlooking any places,
with flapping coloured wings.

by David Taylor

Comments (3)

Hope springs eternal here that 'Spring' really will come someday.Grand enough to make one wish to take a walk in your garden. I've noticed that you love butterflies, is it their fluttering gracefullness? This piece has something romantic about it too. Lovely.....marci. :)
A picturesque set of images indeed David. Intriguing. Reminds me of work by Charity Hemingway (no relation) . If you get the chance, try some of her work on PH.
David, this so picturesque that I found myself drifting into your garden. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David