MC (January 25,1990 / Royal Oak)

Sunny Day

I need help on this sunny day
What are the things i have to pay
To make this pain go away

Do i have to sit and wonder
Upon all this thunder
But do you wonder
What i take under

Something you love and understand
Is something i couldn't be
Something you want to hold and take by the hand
Is something i couldn't be

I'm gonna follow my heart
To a place where its not so dark
A place filled with light
Where everything is right

I simple man i try to be
Across the universe i must travel to see
The one i want to be with
One to share everything with
Someone who will love me for me
Maybe this is possible
Lets make this logical

Nothings gonna change my world
Sitting here is days of old
Waiting for your voice to cure my soul

by Mitchell Capriotti

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