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Sunny Days
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Sunny Days

Poem By Evan Skora

The night,
A cruel time indeed
To those who love the day.

As I lay in my confined area,
This boz with bars surrounding the edges
The only protection I get while at night.

What about the boogey man?
What about any thing else that haunts my dreams?

Bars don't protect me from that,
But the sun,
When the sun arises from its slumber,
I am safe once more.

When the sun arises,
My face is warmed,
The day begins
And my mother picks me up from the box.

When I sit next to windows,
The crystal shine from the sunlight on the windows reflect my inner soul.
The passion lighting up inside,
My heart open to many new things.

I stare up at the fluffy bunnys hopping around in the blue sea,
They always amaze me
And I wonder why,
Why cant I fly?

I stare at the grass and see the wet green,
Like green hair topped with water sprinkles.
Some bugs scurry through the forest of green,
Only to be lost and eventually fly their way out.

So much beauty,
The bunnys,
The green hair,
The bright shining face of Sister Sun.

Then everyday,
She lies down for rest
While Mother Moon wakes up.

Mother Moon makes the bunnys go to bed,
Puts night lights in the sky,
Lets darkness creep in,
And makes my mother put me back in the box.

Though I despise Mother Moon
I will sleep through her rain over the sky,
For tomorrow Sister Sun will arise again
And fill my body with new fun.

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