I'm stuck in the fuckin' sunshine, half alive and three quarters dyin';
it takes all my hardearned cash
just to buy me reason.
Some are pleased by Summer season but I can't
tell their reason. Tell
me what you know and I,
I'll tell you what I think I know
and if you speak without
contractions I will
tell you so. The day's been dry
and empty and the sky's been
bold and I have tried
to see
as others see. There will
be time; I'm fine.
Look, outside the lines
of vines march swiftly
and the clouds are fine
as wool in tufts that tangle on
the tips of thorns.
Give me room;
the vacant moon can still
be found though drowned
in blue, and I'm alone
and there is you;
there's nothing you can do until
we're two and I as yet am
way dead and three quarters live;
given time I'll

by Jenne Kaivo

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