Yes! No!

How necessary it is to have opinions! I think the spotted trout
lilies are satisfied, standing a few inches above the earth. I
think serenity is not something you just find in the world,
like a plum tree, holding up its white petals.

The violets, along the river, are opening their blue faces, like
small dark lanterns.

The green mosses, being so many, are as good as brawny.

How important it is to walk along, not in haste but slowly,
looking at everything and calling out

Yes! No! The

swan, for all his pomp, his robes of grass and petals, wants
only to be allowed to live on the nameless pond. The catbrier
is without fault. The water thrushes, down among the sloppy
rocks, are going crazy with happiness. Imagination is better
than a sharp instrument. To pay attention, this is our endless
and proper work.

by Mary Oliver

Comments (4)

Beautiful poem about the sun. I adore the sunrises and the sunsets. Such natural beauty to behold. Especially like the 'sun's blazing arms'. Your imagery and language is a delight in this poem. HG: -) xx
Very delightful read. I want to be a part of it all. So many nice images and deep feeling of doing and wanting something worthwhile and lasting.
This is your best yet. A fascinating celebration of the ritual of dawn. You use words with flourish like a a renaissance painter - In particular 'its yellow burning arms' and 'lost in the vanity of our senses' stood out. Superb poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
so beautiful thanks for sharing