i open my eyes
to see the sunrise.
When the fire lit ball
rises up in the sky.
the black turns blue
with misty dew;
and a tinch of white
in the entrance lie.
Beauty seen, on clear screen.

The birds spread the call
to one and all.
Leave your bed
come see all.
The rise of the sun
in the eastern sky.
From the doors
of your hive.

The blissful trees
are woken up with a splash.
From the air
that tear them back.
And tis perl, on the leaf
makes the day, and all believe.
That all these things
that we see;
is to start everyday
with joy and gee.

'9th December,2007'

by Gaurav Bhaduri

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beautiful Gaurav 'Beauty seen, on clear screen' fav. lines