Sunrise And Us

Each day I travel to office
I watch the sunrise
Magnificent proud and commanding
So beautiful
Defying any master artist's painting
Always new and unique each day

Magnetized and in awe
I praise the Lord for such amazing creation
But I was caught off balance

When the Lord tell us that we are more beautiful
Than any sunrise in any history written and witnessed
Different for every DNA and cells
Each is so valuable and special to Him
Loved and cared
Every moment
Every second

When we are down on our knees
And the dark clouds are circling
Winds are storming
Remember the sunrise
And how it pales
to who we are in the eyes of our God

by Rita Umali

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by the genome we may differ but time sitll brighter by the sun when in rise warmth takes away all deepdarkness of the night and we dazzlel by the glimpses of sun, , , , , , , , , , , , , exqusite verse when flows by the gleams of rays yet with all that of ingenuity, brilliant,10/10, thanks for sharing