Sunrise Child

A caramel sunrise bursts in my veins,
I breathe in my butterfly dawn!
Quilted in magnificent rays warmth wakes me.
Reaching, almost touching the yellow joy,
My saltwater taffy arms stretch to meet the sky.

Daybreak suspended in crystal sunshine,
Morns radiance tickles me with its light!
The honeysuckle’s aura waits to tangle me again, and the
Stirring sleepy trees motion me to clamber up to their perches.
Twinkling dew on the glowing yellow grass blinds me with its brilliance.

Vibrations of living air at the hour’s edge,
The tree-birds always know its morning!
Rapture’s crayons paint my squinting eyes.
Rose-cheeked dimples convect my shatterproof smile.
Nothing but the permanent Spring of imagination’s playground.

And light, just born, reveals its whimsy!
Teasing, nudging, taunting me to romp in the blazing moment,
It wraps me in a whirlwind of mischievous wonder.
There is only me and the sunlight,
Waiting for what the new hour brings….

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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