SC (14th September,1971 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)


I saw the sun saying goodbye with a smile
It didn't last long, but only for a while
That moment when the sun was going down
Things seem very calm and quiet in the town

The birds were coming back to their nest
As if they were tired and needed some rest
The flowers seemed gloomy, down and blue
As sun was setting, they couldn't see the view

The sky was changing its colour to bright red
But other things were still, as if they were dead
Or maybe because they were all in sleep
Sleeping in the lap of the ground very deep

I never saw the sun going down ever before
I don't know how to explain it more
But for those few moments, I felt I was lost
Lost in the woods filled with frost.

Seema Chowdhury

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Comments (4)

Beautifully presented Seema. You capture a different aspect to the disappearing sun and it flows so well with lovely imagery and perfect rhyme. Perfect! 10 Karin Anderson
rhtymic, sonorous in tone, with resonant imagery
Fine descriptive poetry with mellowed tones in tune with the object described.10 sathya narayana
a smile for a while and a good bye...that is enough for a poetic heart to feel lost in happiness frost! good poem, seema... happy i feel.