What Can You Do With A Football ?

You can
kick it you can catch
it you can bounce it - all
around. You can grab it you can
pat it you can roll it - on the ground.
You can throw it you can head it you
can hit it - with a bat. You can biff it
you can boot it you can spin it you
can shoot it you can drop it
you can stop it - just
like that!

by James Carter

Comments (4)

Beautifully presented Seema. You capture a different aspect to the disappearing sun and it flows so well with lovely imagery and perfect rhyme. Perfect! 10 Karin Anderson
rhtymic, sonorous in tone, with resonant imagery
Fine descriptive poetry with mellowed tones in tune with the object described.10 sathya narayana
a smile for a while and a good bye...that is enough for a poetic heart to feel lost in happiness frost! good poem, seema... happy i feel.