Golden rays spread throughout the sky
Reflecting over waters that pretend to be shy
Seagulls that sing their usual song
The peacefulness here reminds me of home
Widns that swim by and caress your face.
Leaving you in a relaxed daze
Sand grain shift along the shore
Crabs and little fish play on the tide pool floor
Heaven's angels paint n smear the clouds yellow and red
It just as beautiful as those before me have said
Tattoed footprints in the sand slowly fade away
As the ocean's foam chases them day by day
It is here where all of the earth's beauty is kep
Here on the beach gazing at the sunset

By: Cece
written in 8th grade
age then: 13
age now: 14

by Cece Cook

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You paint a very beautiful picture, a credit to your youth, keep up the good work.