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The sun is setting behind the hills,
It resembles a large orange ball;
Leaving the space empty that it fills
When shining on mountains, oceans, and all.
The mountains are now only black silhouette
Underneath a darkening sky;
And now that the sun has set,
Another day has gone by.
Sunset is as beautiful as sunrise,
They are both works of the Master’s hand.
No artist could ever paint such a sky
As the one sunsets paint o’er the land.
Eerie shadows follow the setting sun
Giving the sky a purple hue.
After shining all day its job is done,
And now it sets to again rise anew.
Yes, the sun is setting behind the hills,
And the hills will hide its face;
Until tomorrow, in obedience to God’s will,
It will rise again in the same sky space.

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