For Certainly

For every if not Longer the hesitant gather
Together to harvest bushels of never
Finding no controversies whatsoever
Filling the larder with mabey forevers
Planing a future of someday endeavors
Exploring a path of long proved shelters
Finding the expected certain connectors
Leaving nothing concerning for the elders

Occasions of certainty makes for a story
Of worry precautions deliberately wordy
All possible Clift edges marked deadly
No chances taken hold the wheel steady
Never very from birth memory history
Faithfully keep to your true heridity
Desires disregarded adventures empty
Safety experiences fill out this entry

A long life lived in empty expression
Steady is the way of studied inaction
Stability Calls for careful projection
Of consequence of every small action
Nothing exciting escapes suppression
Middle ground of defensive introspection
Rules safe minds numbing suggestions
The finished line looms in in every direction

by Joseph M Donatelli

Comments (2)

The title drew me in, and I was not disappointed. The picture was not only lovely, but unusual. Good work. Raynette
Great poem, Richard. I like the striking contrast in the final lines, nice imagery too. Cheers, Seán