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Sunset Years

Sunset Years

Sunsets and sunset years,
Have one thing in common:
The hand of God:
Sculpting successive forms,
Shapes of things to be,
Or not to be?
Smooth transition of colors,
Shades and hues,
Aromas, tangs, whiffs,
Emetic stench,
Meetings and partings,
Petals and pricks,
Pleasures and pains,
Joys and sorrows,
Tears and smiles,
Who shall see:
Shadows of petals,
Who shall see:
Petals of shadows;
Who shall see:
Sun-set in the sun-rise,
Who shall see;
Sun-rise in the sun-set;
Stages that shall come,
A pause,
A stop,
A halt,
A junction,
A crossroad,
A destination,
The end of a beginning,
The beginning of an end!

(Lucknow, India Dated 12th November,2015)

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. The end of a beginning The beginning of an end, very lovely lines. The sunset years is very thought provoking poem and it has more than one dimension. Enjoyed reading the poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
nice poem, beautifully decorated with nice words and images, thanks for sharing.