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A world full of people to have as a friend
And a place for your soul, where you can understand
All the emotions you can feel
The most is wrong, but some are real
But in my head, my soul is gone
And now there isn’t anyone
Who can see the rain in me

The sunshine’s wherever you are
But did you notice, it is so far
So far for warmth to reach me now
So coldness is all I can allow
Allow it to be a feeling for me
I don’t dare just to be free
So none can see the rain in me

But the wind blew a cloud through the sky
Everybody shouted for it didn’t stay dry
Rain was all around, wrapping me in
But all of this was just the begin
Next day the new morning did arrive
To tell us that we are alive
And we shouldn’t let the rain in

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let in the rain, it will wash the pain......there 's no sunshine when they're gone...may be! ...and may be it's only the reflection of the sun we see... well done...i enjoyed this short journey...keep it on