The Cry Of An Orphan

O! Death,
You care for no one’s agony
For the love of our sorrow you exist

Men have questioned God
But death, are you merciful

Troops came to beg, but
Saints you’ve drained their breath

When the fatherless and the motherless weep
Could life be the same

When the tears of blood flood the earth and
mountains refused asylums

How can he fight your invincibility
How can he survive the pains of life in this
mesh of wicked sorrow

Maybe you will soon take him to the comfort of
his parents in your house of pains and joy, for
the future is wrinkled

Poverty and loneliness are pursuing him out of
the rim of success
He tried, but ahead is the ocean of agony

This life of peace you brought it pains
His yesterdays were full of the memory of love
but tomorrows are a phantom of misery.

by Abdullah Musa

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My friend, my sister, my wife You are the sunshine for all the universe, the earth ball. a love poem in dreams and in art........ thank yu dear poet. tony