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Poem By Dominique Butler

As I stand here staring in the sky
with tears in my eye's
I watch the clouds as they move and out burst this ray of sunshine
just for you

I see a shadow standing beside me
and the ray of sunshine beamed right on thee;
thee shadow that's standing next to me

Oh big brother I know its you letting me know
that it is time for you to go,
even though I don't want you to leave,
I know you will always be with me

It's hard to say good-bye, but I can't stand here and lie we shared our love, our life, and our happiness together
we laughed
we cryed
we played
we argued
just about every single day but that's what made my day
I promise to let you live on in me,
I know I'll see you in my nephew everyday but in a very special way.

Oh sunshine beaming brightly now its time to leave
so take my brother with you so he can rest peacefully
As the sunshine starts to leave my brother turned around and smiled happily, he told me sister don't cry for me because now I'm living eternally HAPPY and FREE!

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Very intriguing writing, Dominique! Well done!