Suicide, Suicide

Poem By Amber Zitzloff

Sunny days are precious and rare
Like an honest and caring man
They don't come around too often
Pleased to see them, if they can

They warm the heart within you
and make you smile with glee
Forgot your looks, your shape, your size
and well, that does it for me!

Comments about Suicide, Suicide

Sunny days are precious and rare Like an honest and caring man..... very good write.. if they are around give u joy n happiness... read mine sun and son and mary to marry
Great comparison. This is really a lovely poem. It definately depend where you life. In sunny South Africa, glorious days stretch to the end of time.
skin respires by light of sunny days heart rejoices by warmth of caring man..............excellence of flows across the warmth of love.wrought ingenious by imagery,10+++, thanks for sharing
always we see a days sunny when we really want it to be, , its always depends on us.. so beautiful my dear sweet tina.. hazem

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