Sunshine Days

Do you remember the sunshine days?
The days we would skip through the fields of wild flowers.
The days you would sit on the swings with me forever.

Now fog is starting rise,
They sky’s are starting to get that misty gray color.
Your shadow is all I can see.
Now all we do is e-mail or talk on the phone once a month.

Now look.
The skies are completely gray and filled with fog.
Your shadow is no longer visible.
All I can see is your hand that is sticking through.
I ask you to hold my hand and never let go.

But what do you do?
You let go.
Your shadow and hand is no longer visible.
You are nowhere to be found.

Why did you let go.
Don't you remember those sunshine days?
What happened to those days?

by Lost Sierra

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this poem could have so many meanings to different people, but the meaning it has for me, it is touching, like not o how beautiful but like wow, im not the only person feeling that way and there is appreciation. i can relate and sympathise. thanks -maddy