</>You and I, we're simular
your life to me is familiar
and the reason I'm writting this is very peculiar
I usually write about giving someone my heart
and how eventually that falls appart
for you I give you something special
something that'll with stand
something that'll be there forever
I'll give you my hand
I give you my promise
so whenever you fall down, I'll be there to help you up
and that one day you'll cry
I'll help you dry your eyes
I know how you feel, to feel like everything goes wrong
I know how it feels, to think everythings a mistake
while you wait around for that big break
everyone prepared you for
by telling you you're great, and that it'll all go away
I know you may not want advice from a girl
but believe it or not, I feel for you
believe it or not, I'm here for you
you're the only one, you kept it a hundred percent real
and told me the truth, even if it was a big deal
or even if I felt like I'd kill, or die or lie in bed the rest of my life
I'll never be the wife, or the person you're looking to talk too
but despite it all
you my nigga, I gotchuuuu.

by Aliyah Houston

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this is a wonderful passage.