Poem By Jim French

There's the sun
just behind that cloud
I haven't seen it today
but, I know its there.

I know it hides in winter
waiting to catch me
unawares in spring
with its heat on my back

In the summer it seems
to be everything;
a thing to protect
my skin against
my eyes against
my thirst against

It can hang in the air
as a dropp of blast furnace metal
slipping into
the pink sea
at the days end

It plays hide and seek
through the branches
of the trees
through the railings
of the park

reminding me
that it will greet me
the first chance it gets
with the perfect pearl of heat
in the mid afternoon.

At my night
the sun hides
on the other side of the world
waiting for me
to walk out of my morning door
it may pounce
it may not
I live in Scotland
where the sun waits in line
behind the rain.

Comments about Sunshine

I particularly enjoyed the fourth stanza and all the wonderful imagery in the rest of the poem. The sun certainly rules our life. In Australia I would say 'the rain waits behind he sun. sigh. Easy to read with a great flow Jim. Top marks.
As long as the sun rises we are - OK.
Greeting! The sun is the spark of a poet that you just wrote! blessing!

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