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Sunshot On The Bus Ride To Hebden Bridge
CRM (1961 / )

Sunshot On The Bus Ride To Hebden Bridge

A bus-ride brought me Hebden Bridge again
This time in summer, though the spiteful clouds
Sheet-shrouding hilltops, half-heavy with rain
This awful August, threatened they dare drown
The valley, garnished green with grass and trees.
A stab of sunlight knifed gold through the grey,
Slug-slab stratocumulus, where the breeze,
Weak as bated butterfly breath, had laid
Pale pocket-handkerchief patches of blue.
A faraway farmstead flickered on for
Several swift seconds, screen-shot into view
Before it faded, lime as lichen or
Ivy, back into the emerald fieldscape
As cloud curtains closed their goggle-box gape.

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