Super Basketball Son

I help warm the bench and cheer for my team.
I join in the huddles and listen and scheme.

I line up and join in the Star Spangled Banner
With the rest of the team in a very proud manner.

I wait for a beckon from my coaches hand
As I check out the cheerleaders or watch the pep band.

Coach looks at me, a starter needs rest.
My heart pounds like I'm taking a test!

I look down the bench, coach can't want me!
Oh why do have this darn shaky knee?

I kneel and tell the scorekeeper my name.
I cannot believe it, I'm now in the game!

The fans are cheering and clapping their hands!
In awe, I want to gape at the stands.

I feel like waving at my mom and my dad.
It's me out here, your lanky young lad! '

The moment has come to show my stuff!
But alas, time flies and coach says, 'Enough.'

With a pat on my back and the words, 'Well done! '
Such a short time to be 'Super Basketball Son! '

'You did your job and did it well!
Relief to a starter you gave for a spell.
He will help win the game because of you.
Starters are parts, bench warmers the glue! '

by Carol Pelletier

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