RB ( / Stanthorpe, Qld. Australia)

Super Evolving Creation

Supergirl started collecting soft drink tins;
In weight they were proximately 20 lbs. the scales told her.
Her final plan addressed cosmic origins;
But the first step is to use the photon accelerator.
Where, once upon a time, there was lemonade
The first of many mini black holes was made.

Via Einstein's theory, energy in a black hole 'condensed' into mass.
This particle was shredded by pressure into BITs of time-space.
Cosmic Computer's program/curves 'froze' (hologrammed) BITS together
Into other parts: of light, mass, anti- and negative matter.
Pursuing programs written with BITs (cosmic pulses) of time-space.
(Succeeding holes renew the cosmos, as computer images themselves refresh.)

Time travel thru cosmic wormholes of the 4th dimension of space
(thanks to newly realized quantum determinism) to superspace
Gave rise to her universe and to her world.
Supergirl is the instrument (from a number of pulses she is made)
But the sum of all pulses is God - so the true creator is ... God:
And divine energy includes that of girls.

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