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Super Hero!

Super Hero
Count back from one to zero
Let us find my super hero

Heroes have come and gone
It seems mine is yet to be born
Great deeds have been done
By many deemed as heroes

So to the people of braveness
Of the past and this century
I salute thee
I adore thee

Unfortunately I cannot say
It is Nelson Mandela
The Paladin of Africa
The African humanitarian megastar

For the champion of all champions
Holds the key in my opinion
To the whereabouts of my superhero

It is the one who commands respect
A man or woman who is intellect
Rewind at anytime without ejecting
Kindly and proudly can stand erect
To fight for any great cause
Like the man who they called Jesus
I look for someone who is near perfect

It is the one with bombastic imagination
A man or woman with prodigious vision
Assigned with an inconceivable mission
One who can sustain global peace
And preserve global justice
One who can feed hungry mouths
That lingers in countries all about

One who can inject love & strength
At any given moment
In any particular environment

Yet heroes have come and gone
Died in rain, war and sun
Some remembered, some forgotten
Withered away in time as rotten

Heroes have come and gone
If you are a companion in my thoughts
You will agree
My superhero is yet to be born

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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I can honetly say this is the exact thing I was looking for. I agree with the author whole heartedly. People are to rash in saying you are my hero simply because they will feel better about themselves.