BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Super Killer Gigantic Robot (You'Re My Only Friend)

built him in the yard,
constructing him out of steel and love.
Wires connect to circuits and panels run to plugs,
this super killer gigantic robot is my only friend.

When I hit the switch,
he came to life.
His eyes glowed red,
and is weapons took aim.

I wasn't afraid of my only friend,
it was only that he couldn't understand.
He broke through the fence and went on his way,
I always believed he just wanted to play.

Three weeks later the news reported his travels,
he went from New York all the way to Seattle.
My super killer gigantic robot made tons of friends,
unfortunately death is the only gift he sends!

Come home friend and I'll keep you safe,
I can save you from all the worlds scorn and strafe!
I can hop on your shoulder and we can never be found,
we will find a super killer robot cave deep underground!

I look back at the day I made him,
wondering if it was wrong to give him weapons so grim.
Guns for hands and lasers for eyes,
he certainly took this country by surprise!

Super killer gigantic robot,
no one will ever understand you.
I gave you everything and all of my love,
but all you want is to rule with an iron glove.

Two years later he dropped completely out of sight,
until he showed up outside my window on a stormy night.
He had enough of this world and wanted to be stopped,
I sadly turned him off until he dropped.

The next day I dismantled my only friend,
he gave the world all the love he could lend.
It's not his fault you couldn't understand what he did,
he had the body of a super killer gigantic robot but the heart of a kid.

Sadly to say,
my friend is no more.
In my yard stands a new friend,
built so much better than before.

With missles on his shoulders and rockets on his feet,
my new friend will be someone you all will want to meet.
The world has called me crazy for making these things,
but they'll never understand the happiness that each one brings.

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Pablo Neruda

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