Cor! Wonder Woman! Ain't she hot?
I think she's good as gold!
She rescues every chance she's got,
Yes, both the young and old!
I'd like to emulate the best!
Take on the worst and win!
I'd like an S upon my vest,
Eyes sparkling with a grin!
I'd use my X-ray vision, too!
I'd look through walls and such -
Though criminals aren't hard to view,
They hate to keep in touch!
How I wish I were a hero!
Like Superman or Flash!
Then I wouldn't be a zero!
I'd fly with such panache!
One arm outstretched to lead the way,
Legs gracefully in flight!
I'd make spectators shout, 'Hooray! '
Till I fade out of sight!
I'd open fetes like heroes
Shake hands, kiss babies' cheeks!
I'd do my bit to build up trust...
The one each damsel seeks!
My face upon Time magazine!
Plus talk shows on tv...
Yet destiny is not so keen...
That's why I'm only ME...

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