Super Samson Simpson

I am Super Samson Simpson,
I'm superlatively strong,
I like to carry elephants,
I do it all day long,
I pick up half a dozen
and hoist them in the air,
it's really somewhat simple,
for I have strength to spare.

My muscles are enormous,
they bulge from top to toe,
and when I carry elephants,
they ripple to and fro,
but I am not the strongest
in the Simpson family,
for when I carry elephants,
my grandma carries me.

by Jack Prelutsky

Comments (3)

wow no one talks about this one lol
OMG! This folk sent me into convulsive fits of excitement.
'for when I carry elephants, my grandma carries me.' you hit it well when these lines expounded which in turn burst out laughing.