Love is remembering the good times as well as the bad
It's also remembering all the fun we have had
The past is just the past this we can't change
But the future will be exciting, unknown and strange

I will always remember when we fell in love
Cupid was aiming his arrows from above
It must have been fate that we should meet
Our first kiss was so gentle so loving and sweet

I'll love you forever and I'll love you today
Of this you can be sure my love is here to stay
I love you today and I will love you tomorrow
Through the good and bad the joy and sorrow

Our love may be rocky for a time but see how we fare
Through it all I'll there and always care
My love for you is passionate steadfast and true
Always remember this when you are feeling blue

by bonnie brown

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wow no one talks about this one lol
OMG! This folk sent me into convulsive fits of excitement.
'for when I carry elephants, my grandma carries me.' you hit it well when these lines expounded which in turn burst out laughing.