GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

Super Suave Sam

I'm tired of all the phonies
That are raging with their jealousy
Need to refocus their energy
And quite fucking with me

I'm super suave sam
It's been me from the beginning
You can't touch me
It's time to quite ranting
And time to start raving
I am absolutely crazy

Done with insecurity, no confidence, and low self-esteem
Time to realize my greatness
Thanks for helping me remember my dream
I had almost given up on me
Break dance. throw down, ho down
just go ahead and get down

Hey all you losers that have nothing better to do
Than to talk about someone you don't know, like me
I light my candles, burn my incense
You all know you can't touch this
i'm out of my dark abyss
Back into the light that i missed

Rumor has it
i'm this gothic slut
Funny thing is i'm not that goth
And in this place i've only been with one

I'm gonna be a model one day
Somehow i'll find a way to pay
And I'm gonna be a kick ass chef
Who knows, maybe even the best
After all, i am super suave sam

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Langston Hughes


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