Super Taper

Poem By Paul Marusin

I am pliant PLUCIRE ever hot,
Concord Corncob eternally so
An organic sun-shining ingot
Open ended, a bottle to grow.

Selfsame mirror reliable yet.
Lady lustrous but fiery clad,
Like one radiant replica wet
Univial girt glorified, glad!

Star Plug verily viable sewn!
Luna Glibolotubulopolitz lit:
Tube effulgent per oily cone,
Self-immune, O reliably knit.

Bundled up by maternal moire,
Neon-nacreous glistery glare
Sarasvati with Veena mid May
I am holy PLUCIRE everywhere.

My Insulating Invocation Cry:

Holy plosive PLUCIRE unified,
Twinity multi-sided and wide,
Bulge irradiant glory inside!


Authorized Invisible Version

On Dec 4/ Revised Dec 7 of 2013
Title interpreted: Golden Light
Annotation according to verse #:
1) Holy name 8) Vase 10) A city
18) Twins (not trinity) and top
subtitle is only my designation
of Sarasvati interpreted ad hoc.

Comments about Super Taper

This poem is written in high level language. I had to read it several times in other to get the picture. The rhyme pattern is very good. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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