JR (July 2,1988 / Texas)


one meal, one course, one menu
sit at the table of my life
to you, i'm just another meal
three plates lie before you

one fork, to spear my past
this plate, stale, forgotten, let it lay
one too many bites taken, mangled, abandoned
three plates lie before you

this plate is tired, scarred, and trashed
why feast on someone's leftovers
this plate makes you hungry, too old to test it's flavors
three plates lie before you

one knife, to cut the path of my future
what lies inside, the unknown, something untouched, mysterious
still too hot to eat, too hot to discover the truth
three plates lie before you

this plate realeases steam, bathe in the fumes of something you'll never taste
the desire to understand, to swallow the unfamilar experiences
teasing your senses, a child's game of peek-a-boo
three plates lie before you

one spoon, to enjoy the taste of who i am today
to savor a taste you've never experienced
with one bite, i am addicting, take the time to chew
three plates lie before you

this is the plate you can chose to enjoy, bon appetite
swallow selfishly the person i am, let each spoonful linger
how i feel, who i am, how i live
three plate lie before you

the meal is over, the places cleared
you've picked at every part of me, every flaw and feature
loved every thought, word, action, now i'm gone
no plates lie before you

your hunger still unquenched, not fully satisfied
the rumble of hunger crawls on it's hands a knees, begging for more
you've swallowed too fast, no taste, no flavors, you're left without content
no plates lie before you

the plaste are gone, as am i, the brief moment we shared
tastebuds exhausted, you're still hungry
taking for granted a meal you've once enjoyed, just another meal
no plates lie before you

the empty table, this meal is over, this relationship broken
our time is done, washed away with the dishes
you've taste every part of me
check please... 'how was the meal? '

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