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I was thinking about Jesus as a young boy.
You never hear about that side of him.
You just hear about him as a baby in a
manger with straw and Christmas lights,
and then all of a sudden – poof! – he’s
walking around in a beige caftan with a
full (trimmed) beard performing miracles.
But what was he like at seven or eight
years old? Was he a goody-two-shoes or
was he kind of bratty like most kids?
Maybe it’s like Superman. You don’t
really hear about HIS boyhood much
either. Sure, there are the Superboy comic
books, but they were never as good as the
Superman ones. I know what you’re going
to say, that Jesus Christ is a superhero
himself, right? Maybe so. But I still think
we need Superman around to do all the
menial work – you know, like nabbing
crooks and catching school buses falling
off of bridges and stopping guys with
nuclear bombs. Jesus never seems to want
to get his hands dirty with that kind of
stuff. Not that he’s a slacker. No way.
He’s just got more important things to do
with his time.

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How can one compare Superman to Jesus? , and than imply that Jesus would not do menial deeds, no matter how unimportant they may seem.The poem's theme is very stupid in the least! Are you next, going to ponder the question as to who would win in a fight between Superman or the Hulk? Where is the rhyme in this Superboy poem? Poems usually have either rhyme or reason, and frankly, i cannot find either one in this poem! Maybe i did sacrifice rhyme in my poem, about Oprah, but i still think it was a good poem! As for exclamation marks-maybe i like using them alot.Had you maybe considered this? To each their own is what i always say! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! By the way, are you a real professor, or what?
a fine poem of course funny the light touch giving a grin trying to see that famous fellow in his secret moments but you might have asked if he ever snored but this isn't a suggestion a wayward thought conjured up by this marvelous narrative which avoids the pain which is usually the entire tale
genius oh god I need 20 characters dammit
Did you know there are actually Jesus and Moses action figures? I enjoyed your line of thought here.
C'mon Prof. Would you rather he saved train wrecks or make a good Merlot.lol