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PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)


Poem By Punk Nona

Well I've been broke
and out of it for too long
to count.
I've been wondering when
if ever I can live
without any doubt
And everyone around me's
a shadow of
what I've never been
Been playing the odds
for too long I know
I'll never win.

And this town is so cold
I'm isolated
And this place is so old
I'm frustrated
And it dwindles down to
just one thing
It falls to this
When I'm alone
the need of a hero it cannot be wrong
Never satisfied with what
I have until it's gone.

Well I've been down
on my luck
for a while
Lost my way, lost my voice
lost my style.
Coughing my way through the night's
last cigarette...
I didn't care, I didn't care
I just don't care

And on nights when this town
gets so cold
I wonder why
On nights when I feel so
I want to pick up I want
to try
and piece it all together
But there's nobody out there
coming down from the sky
coming down to rescue me
Feeling dark and sinister

Where have the superheros gone?

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