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Superimposable Clocks
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Superimposable Clocks

Poem By Ivy Christou

So we have stopped the clock again tonight

Clepsydras tilt over our separated paths,
memories unwind from black and white bundles,
they are not enough for the survival of awkward smiles.
Fingers' nervous tapping begins,
irrational feeling of being hunted,
why am I here?

Putting your words in a delicate balance,
somehow lies are lighter than truths.
As our past comes back to life
I wish less mistakes were made,
affection and understanding are needed in relationships,
we were never coordinated.

Right decisions seems a vague definition,
expactation's aura creates a mystic mist around you
I can no longer disguinsh genuine feelings,
even my own are unrecognisable.

Again I want to run,
follow easy paths of childhood,
hide behind cloaks of fear
temporarily being protected.

But I'm not a child,
running shoes resting by my side,
I will stay till the end.

The clock is ticking away,
tonight is our last chance.
Either we conquer dreams together
or separate our minutes, hours and days
for one last time.

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Comments (3)

I find a lot of very sensitive, subtle observation and self-observation in this poem. A lot that is hard to put in words, you succeeded in saying, I think. 'Conquer dreams' is somewhat ambiguous to me, I think because people *usually* don't want to conquer, but rather realize their dreams-but here I think you mean old, worn out and unhelpful dreams together. Right?
The crossroads lie before you and destiny awaits an answer.Lovely write.Thankyou for sharing your art.Love Duncan
Spectacular! Like a blending of hope and submission, fear and courage, continuance and cessation. A regular work of art and ambivilance.