He Was A Lonely Boy

He was a lonely boy,
who grew up shy and coy,
quit the world one day,
but nobody ever knew why,
he was a lonely boy...

Had a few mates to play,
but no to all he would say,
would sit silent and pry,
when alone he would cry
he was a lonely boy...

Always used to stand apart,
keep everything in his heart,
to no one he would talk,
howsoever hard one may try,
he was a lonely boy...

From something he was hurt?
or someone broke his heart?
nobody got any clue ever,
why he had red hue in the eye,
he was a lonely boy...

by Sunny Mittal

Comments (3)

I find a lot of very sensitive, subtle observation and self-observation in this poem. A lot that is hard to put in words, you succeeded in saying, I think. 'Conquer dreams' is somewhat ambiguous to me, I think because people *usually* don't want to conquer, but rather realize their dreams-but here I think you mean old, worn out and unhelpful dreams together. Right?
The crossroads lie before you and destiny awaits an answer.Lovely write.Thankyou for sharing your art.Love Duncan
Spectacular! Like a blending of hope and submission, fear and courage, continuance and cessation. A regular work of art and ambivilance.