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Superman Can't Fly
JP (Scratches on the page, making noise. / New York City)

Superman Can't Fly

The T.V. broke today.
Like a friend parting ways.
Outside the front door.
A dead baby pink whore.
'The sun closes my eyes'.
People with wants and frowns.
Voices of fools and silent clowns.
Everyone wants the pyramid capstone.
YET - room for few and very alone.
Images beat down life's ways.
Mold me into perverted days.
Work a day's sweat - some food.
Tired beat - listen here - fool.
Bars on every corner - a warm stool.
Wallet empty - a new fee payment.
Next month maybe the rent.
Doctor said, 'CANCER AND NO CURE'.
I'm only twenty and still pure.

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Wow! Extremely intense and heartfelt poem, the depth of loneliness fills the silence of your words very honestly. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn