JDG (8/20/84 / San Diego, CA)

Supermarket Parking Lot At 11 Pm

Cool wind
A bleak spring morning
After a short, hard rain

The nearby parking lot pleads my attention
As I sip on my coke
Waiting for the patchwork meal
To enter through those sliding glass windows

A woman rises from a newly parked car
Her figure quite set in the illuminous glow of the street lamp
Wearing a brightly colored, red uniform
The universal design for that particular store

As she proceeds to the building
She stops for a minute
And stares up at the lamp
Squinting as sheets of light flood her pupils

And for a moment
I could imagine her unlocking that displacent gaze
And running far away
Where she would write novels about the way things use to be
And wonder why in the hell she never acted on her instinct before
To run from the fish tank
And find the sea

But she didn’t run
In fact she didn’t even walk
It was more of a uncontrollable saunter to that electronic glass door

My server
Dripping with fake enthusiasm
Handed me my number five combo
And then I left
As he stayed

This risen god of profound unhappiness

by Jeremy D. Grimes

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