A supernova bursts
and casts a billion words
into the universal mind
for poets to write prose
or dictators to condemn their foes.

And as its lights disperse,
the universe is swept in its path
of its departure from a single point,
to the most distant reaches
beyond Its spiralling arms of love.

And its sound is deep within,
within your soul
and whispers with a blinding flash,
in silence behind that cosmic sound.
Let go, let go, let go.

by David Taylor

Comments (6)

Unique thought clothed in unique imagery! -Raj Nandy
how do you do it? You take me from writing a poem... to letting go and all my feelings in-between T Y
Let go, let go, let go. Spoke volumes to me today, without you even knowing. Thank you David. Wonderful poem. M.
Superpoem Mr Supernova! ! Superduper! HG: -) xx
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