Supersede - Never Supercede

On days of abstinence I read.
The total pages may exceed
the most insatiable need,
yet tasks like this may antecede
(which is the twin word to precede)
the very moment I succeed.

Sedere is a word to lead
so many nouns and verbs, indeed,
many a hairline may recede
which I, reluctantly, concede
and in discussions intercede
only to angrily secede
from those of low IQ who breed
and unaware of men who read,
who bump around like tumbleweed...
just one word bears the ending 'sede'.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

Herbert once again you exceed the ordinary as well as providing enlightenment in a most entertaining way. Thank you.
Hi Herbert! A witty poem this is indeed, food for the mind upon to feed! *10*! Friend Thad
Tara-Angel, there is NO other word in the English language that ends in sede. Only supersede. Ha! Two kisses for the loser and three for the winner. Hx
Nah. Anisede, poppy sede, rapesede, surely? Well according to some anyway. I adore your pedantry, H... share it... am irritated by slapdash writing.... got it in one (flowing piece) as ever! t x