TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

Supple Spines

Twilight gave you to me,
Framed your delicate forms and features
In a way the summer sun could only hope,
In her wildest of dreams, to do.

Gentle curves,
Supple spines:
Altogether Grace-ful,
Hannah-ful lines.

At once:
Two girls-a-twirling,
Leaning into their spinning
And unashamedly courting the centrifugal force.

Then again:
Two elegant Edwardian ladies,
Best bonnets borne and all dressed up for dancing.
Yet the occasion got the better
[Perhaps even the best] of them
As they threw back their heads,
Reeled, rolled and raised the rafters
With their infectious laughter.

Today Twilight painted pictures
In shades of silhouette,
Talking tenderly to Tony
Of his lasses and losses.

Sometimes she’s silent, Twilight,
But not tonight.

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