Supply And Demand

To package anything,
To attract and sell...
Entertain and seduce.
Takes skill.
Takes knowing the audience.
And marketing to their lazy ambitions.
The kind that is talked about with wishes,
To fulfill!
This takes talent.

From concept until production released,
To package anything...
To attract and sell,
An appealing of it...
Has to be somewhat addicting.

And satisfying enough to keep it defended.
Because it is thought to be so good.
And the thought of not having it,
Craves one into a rage.
Needing a fix.

Some have fits if they don't get it,
Easy and quick!

And supply and demand,
Increases its worth.
Like any drug,
Cropped and harvested.
And supplied here on Earth,
To have it find its value.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Dear dad belittle me not for your true to this poem..>>: : :)) it) ...Many are the thanks that i owe...