Support Systems

If one's kept interests,
Is only their main concern...
Without adapting to establish,
Support systems with others to create...
A dependable audience that appreciates,
Their endeavors and efforts made...
To extend and expand those interests,
Few will be left to accept such interests,
To value.
Or consider the importance,
Of them remaining to sustain long lasting effect.

'No one expresses a pride,
In what 'we' do for 'them' anymore.'

~What had you done to include them in the process?
What had you done to prove to them,
Your efforts and endeavors...
Would eventually provide them benefit? ~

'We 'assumed' they knew,
What we've always done included them too.'

By soliciting the selling of tickets?
Or by showing with it explained,
How the selling of more tickets...
Would allow you to offer scholarships,
To those with interests that extends diversity.~

What has that to do with 'support systems? '

~Unfortunately, your interests are in need,
In knowing the meaning of demographics.~

'What do you mean?
Will stay to remain a 'republican'.'

~And your tickets will remain,
Fewer to sell and many left unsold.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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